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Acid Pack 4-Way 2x

Used in the treatment and prevention of Urinary Calculi

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Acid Pack 4-Way 2x is an acidifier that can be added to the drinking water of your herd . It has been found to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi.

One must remember that Urinary Calculi is a complexed problem, normally created by management issue such as feed, water,hay etc.

You can read more about urinary calculi on these links:

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When using the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x the goal is to get the pH of the drinking water to a 5. Our water here at the farm is around a 7. For us to get our water to a pH of 5 we add 3/4 of a teaspoon of the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x to each gallon of water and this 'treated' water is the ONLY water source for the animals.

Although does can get urinary calculi it does not seem to be as much of a problem for them because the difference in the Urinary system of the male vs female.

We put the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x in the water of all our male kids, starting out by using it in a creep area for them from the time they are a couple weeks old (at this time the young does also have access to the acidified water).

We typically wean out buckling at 60-70 days of age and they continue to receive the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x in their water. Once the bucklings are removed from the doelings we discontinue putting out the acidified water for the doelings.


The bucks continue to get the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x in their water, as a preventative, until they are around 8 -12 months old. Some folks ask why we provide the acidified water to our stock when we have such a perfectly balanced feed and we put out our state of the art minerals.

We do this because:

  • Our water here is very hard
  • Prevention is always better than treatment
  • We sell a lot of stock and we never know where each goat will go - by using the acidifier we are providing a measure of protection to the stock of the new owner.
  • Although we do not free feed our stock it seems that 'young' bucks that are fast growing seem to be the most susceptible to UC - hence prevention is the more prudent means of management.


Once a buck HAS AN ACTIVE CASE of UC the 'treatment' program is much more aggressive than the prevention program.
The actual amount of Acid Pack 4-Way 2x given to a buck will depend on his age and weight and the severity of his blockage.

NOTE: If you know or suspect that your buck has Urinary Calculi we urge you to contact your Veterinarian. UC is NOTHING to
fool around with. Swift and effective treatment is paramount in successful treatment of UC. WE ARE NOT VETERINARIANS
and we are in NO WAY 'prescribing' this treatment - we are simply sharing what we have found to be successful in many
situations. Please print this information along with Treating Urinary Calculi and Stress Calculi and share them with your

Typically for a buckling in the 50-70# range ONE LEVEL TEASPOON would be put into 60cc (two ounces) of water and the
buck would drenched with this mix 3x a day,

CAUTION: be sure to read Treating Urinary Calculi as you must be VERY careful to NOT rupture the bladder. We STRONGLY urge you to enlist the assistance of your Veterinarian when treating UrinaryCalculi as it is IMPERATIVE to monitor the amount of urine in the bladder so as to avoid rupturing it. If the buck is totally blocked your vet may need to 'tap' the bladder (this is explained in the article Treating Urinary Calculi). If he is 'dribbling' urine you have a better chance at recovery, however, we have seen bucks that were totally blocked recover when the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x was used along with Veterinarian assistance as described in Treating Urinary Calculi.

If you are treating a larger/smaller animal then you would need to adjust the amount of Acid Pack 4-Way 2x given. An mature buck (250 pounds) could require TWO TABLESPOONS per treatment .

Please realize that using this method for dealing with UC is not a medical science. Each animal's case of UC is individual and thus difficult to fully assess. Again we urge you to contact your Veterinarian and share this information with him.

Should you choose to use this method to address the problem of UC and you should choose to use the Acid Pack 4-Way 2x you are doing so at your own discretion.  No guarantees for the success of treatment or prevention are given or implied.

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